Meet Ana M Moreno, the spanish curvy influencer


The Spanish Curvy and Influencer model says her body is sexualized all the time just because she’s curvy. Same pictures and videos taken from skinny models are cute, but if she creates exactly the same content, people respond differently. The skinny model will get nice comments, while she will get sexualized comments just because having more meat, and having a curvy body is considered sexual for people.

She assures when a skinny model posts a backshot picture, she didn’t get so many nasty messages like she does. She’s also discriminated against for having a big ass. If she takes a pic or video backshot or side, people comment her all the time that she’s trying to get attention and show her ass, but when a skinny woman takes the same pictures, they do not mention it just for attention. This is due to people sexualizing different body types.

Also she mentioned her content is constantly considered sexual in social media like Tiktok, Instagram or Youtube just because of her body type. Skinny models can post videos in bikini or lingerie and nothing happens, but when she does the same content, she gets a notification that her content is not accessible for under 18, that is sexual, and many times her content is removed for not following the rules.

She barely posts content in lingerie or bikini because she’s afraid of losing her account. She has lost a total of 8 accounts during the past 3 years. Accounts with over 2 million followers. She explains the reason for her wanting to post lingerie or bikini pictures doesn’t have to be with getting attention, if not with work. She constantly has to refuse to work with these kinds of brands because she’s scared her content will be removed and her account disabled like happened many times. This affects very negatively in her laboral scene as losing opportunities is really bad for her brand. She loses the opportunity to work with those brands, and also loses money.

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All what she posts is not to get attention, it is for work. She’s a very famous curvy model and she has many brand deals. But people think it is all to get attention. She mentions there is a big difference between getting attention or trying to work. If she wants to get attention she will show her bare ass, twerk, or shake her ass. What she does is working with brands and getting paid for it. It is a job. However, she totally respects any woman and thinks people should not send negative comments to those women shaking their ass because everybody does with their life what they want. They entertain people and make people happy and that is something she really admires from these women. Every person has a business in social media. Nobody posts for fun, they all post because they’re getting some kind of benefit from it.

She wishes the world would stop seeing different body types differently from others, so she can actually be free to post lingerie and bikini videos for really nice brands and get more opportunities.

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